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  Y gauche et droit - sortie cascades du 07/01/2018

Auteur : Marjan (amateur)

Accès routier : enneigé

Température observée : 1

Enneigement approche : mollets

Conditions : en condition moyenne

Fréquentation : très fréquenté

Descriptif :

At ceillac only cascade that was in condition. Ice Allright. Could be more but is sufficient to climb nicely. Right is a bit tricky as the ice is too thin and you need to use an Akward rock step.

Dangers objectifs :

At critical places it is difficult to find ice for the ice screws as so many have been placed. Be creative in your placements ;-)

Descente :

Wet snow. Path well


Difficulté : II+/3+

Dénivelé : 250m

Y gauche et droit


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