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  Adrenaline Rush - sortie cascades du 08/02/2018

Auteur : wayne Horsfall (amateur)

Accès routier : dégagé

Température observée : -10C at parking 8h30 ... -13C at parking at 19h00

Enneigement approche : chevilles

Conditions : en bonne condition

Fréquentation : personne

Descriptif :

first pitch is a little light on ice but still very climbable otherwise route has a good quantity and quality of ice snow fields are fine snow <20cm of snow very pleased to have the whole route to ourselves .... a rare treat :o)

Dangers objectifs :


Descente :

a very long rambling walk-off that takes you a long way around and finishes well below the start point ... took us 2hrs and meant finishing in the dark


Difficulté : II/4

Dénivelé : 80m


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