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  Lacelle qui reste - sortie cascades du 08/02/2005

Auteur : Gérard (guide)

Conditions : en condition

Fréquentation : fréquenté

Descriptif :

the 6th we climbed on 'Lacelle qui reste'. The waterfall was in quite good conditions. The 1st lenght was in thin ice, the 2th 'glase cassante'. The crux, in the first part on thin ice, was alredy a lot broken (we used some Knife blade) while the free standing was in very good condition, in the next free standing there was a good ice but was very raining(shower assured). We didn't climbed the last lenght. Then, while we were going down, we hoooked the ropes at the first rappel so we had to stay all the night on


Difficulté : V/6

Dénivelé : 300m

Lacelle qui reste


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