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  Orgasme - sortie cascades du 27/01/2021

Auteur : eline (amateur)

Accès routier : enneigé

Température observée : -4 7:00; +3 13:00

Enneigement approche : mollets

Conditions : en condition moyenne

Fréquentation : personne

Descriptif :

We wanted to go to Phantasme and left early from Grenoble. But arriving at the base, we find 7 people in line... so we go to Orgasme. Loads of snow on top of the ice, climbing ''frozen snow''. Physically not hard but mentally... different game. Fortunately the screws are not too bad. After the first crux, we follow the couloir, a bit tricky avalanche wise. The final ice is better. Descent via rappel, some are not very good! Single rusted bolt at top op P3 (we put an extra abalakov), and very bad tree on the middle of the snowfield. While we descent, an avalanche was triggered from above us - probably the snow between P3 and the ice further... We felt lucky.

Dangers objectifs :

Very warm + avalanche danger.


Difficulté : III/4+

Dénivelé : 280m



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