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  La Raie des Fesses - Pic Sans Nom - sortie goulottes du 10/01/2013

Auteur : Equipe Ice-Fall (guide)

Conditions : en condition moyenne

Fréquentation : personne

Descriptif :

Daniel Stephenson and I climbed La Raie de Fesses on the Pic de Sans Nom on Monday the 7th January. The crux first pitch was in passable condition with just one blank spot of ~5m dry tooling to connect the ice patches. There were some significant stone fall during the day but the temperature was just below zero. In case this information is useful for the ice fall climbs website, I’ve attached some photos. Best regards, Mark k


Difficulté : V/5

Dénivelé : 450m

La Raie des Fesses - Pic Sans Nom


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