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  Retour aux sources - sortie goulottes du 29/03/2019

Auteur : Line van den Berg (amateur)

Accès routier : englacé

Enneigement approche : néant

Conditions : en bonne condition

Fréquentation : personne

Descriptif :

I do it in English because my French is not very good... The conditions on retour aux sources is quite good. First pitch a bit thin in the end, same for last steep part on last pitch. At some parts the ice is very wet (one icescrew when taking out turned into running water). If temperatures remain low, I would recommend to check it out. There are also tracks to compagnie de glace, which I suspect is still good. Canaille is dry (we did Canaille Droite the day before, very sketchy, see seperate post)


Difficulté : TD (4 et M3/M4)

Dénivelé : 350m

Retour aux sources


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